Stuffed Aburaage (tofu pockets) with Somen

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Tofu Pockets (Small)

Stuffed Aburaage with Somen
(From the Kitchen of Judy Lim
Yields 48 pieces)

– 6 packages fully cooked and seasoned fried bean curd (3.88-oz each) 8 pieces per package, rectangle type (e.g., Inari Sushi-No-Moto).

*You can purchase at Marukai (60 frozen pieces for $8.50) or H-Mart (60 pieces not frozen for $14.99)

– 1 package somen (8-oz.)
– 2 blocks kamaboko (6-oz. each), sliced into thin strips
– 8 ounces green ocean salad (seaweed salad)
– 6 ounces Tropics Oriental dressing (half of 12-oz. bottle), adjust to taste

*You can use any salad dressing with sesame/ginger in ingredients

Prepare seasoned fried bean curd (aburage) according to package directions and set aside. Reserve juices.

Break somen noodles in half before cooking. Cook somen according to directions on package. Drain thoroughly; cool.

Mix together somen, kamaboko, green ocean salad, oriental dressing. Squeeze aburage gently to remove excess liquid, add some of the juice into the mixture and stuff mixture into aburage.


Note: Very light and refreshing; easy to prepare and very popular at potlucks, also tasty without the aburaage and eaten as a salad.

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